3 Home Repairs a Licensed Plumber Should Complete for You

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You may be a very hands-on homeowner, but plumbing problems should be left to professionals. After all, water damage can happen very quickly and cause damage to your home even faster. Take a closer look at three plumbing problems you will want to hire a licensed technician to repair for you.

1. Water Leak.

If your water bill is unexplainedly high, you find mold under your carpet or in the pantry, or there is standing water in the yard, then you need a plumber. Finding a water leak beneath the foundation of your home requires specialized equipment to effectively listen to the pipes under the slab. A plumber has this equipment readily at their disposal; he or she could also outsource the test to a recommended contractor.

2. Sewer Leak.

Does your home have a strange, funky smell that seems to linger no matter how often you clean, or how much air freshener you spray?  Then you may have a sewer line leak. A sewer leak is more difficult to find because the leakage is not completely liquid. To find one, a sewer smoke test is needed. This test involves a plumber pumping smoke into a sewer line and waiting to see where it leaks from. Any escaping smoke is a signal of a sewer leak that needs quick repair.

3. Water Heater Issues.

A water heater will show some (or many) signs that it’s time for a plumbing technician to inspect it. Low water pressure, water pooling around the heater, and poor temperature control are just a few of these signs to take seriously. A plumber should inspect your water heater annually to get ahead of these problems, like flushing your system or running upgrades. It also may be time to purchase a new unit and have a plumber install it for you. Water heaters are very heavy and may be located in difficult areas, and a plumber will have the equipment to get the job done safely.

Having a plumber take care of these problems will save you time, stress, and money.