3 Things To Consider When Your Basement Needs Repair

Got a Damp Basement? Learn How You Can Fix It Here

Maintaining a home has many rewards, but the longer you and your family reside there, the more wear and tear the place sees. Foundation cracks, leaks and mold or mildew problems underground can mean big trouble for the rest of your home. Fortunately, solving common basement issues can be made easier with a few considerations in mind. 

Your Home’s Maturity

An older home is not without its charms, though its original features inevitably degrade with time. Instead of leaning into the anxiety of the inevitability of structural problems, consider basement repairs an opportunity to restore your home to its former glory. A reliable and experienced contractor can examine your home’s unique location and architecture to make the necessary fixes, remedying both present and future issues.

Signs of Damage

Many of the symptoms of basement issues are easily overlooked. A sagging foundation may cause doors and windows to stick and seem hard to open. Additionally, any cracks or gaps created by the expanding and shrinking of your foundation can let in unwanted moisture that may result in a build-up of rain water or condensation — a breeding ground for mildew and mold.

Structural Analysis

After taking notes regarding the state of your basement, grab a few tools to assess the damage. Uneven flooring can be identified by placing a round object on the surface to see if it rolls, while a level can be placed on the tops of doors or windows to catch any unevenness before it gets any worse. 

Some problems aren’t as obvious. Invisible mold spores can be present in the air and on surfaces indoors. Unseen mold or mildew compromises dry wall and important framework, wreaking slow havoc on your home. Any musty smells, visible mold spots or noticeably damp areas should be given a second look. A simple mold testing kit can determine whether your basement has accumulated any spores, signaling it’s time to bring in a professional to inspect the area.

Managing the upkeep of a home can be both a gratifying and overwhelming task. Becoming informed about the condition of your basement can prepare you for what lies ahead in the upkeep process, relieving undue worry and allowing you and your family to enjoy the home you’ve established together.