3 Ways To Reduce Stress at Home

Home should be a place to relax, but, for many, that space may feel quite overwhelming. When you enter the door, thoughts may turn not to detox for the day but rather to the running list of chores that should get done. This nonstop thinking builds tension and turns what should be a comforting location into an anxious spot. Take control, and find some zen by trying the following three things.

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1. Get Organized

Studies indicate that chaos and mess produce anxiety and stress. If your house is cluttered and dirty, then that could be much of the problem. Make a list of what bothers you or feels overwhelming. Is your storage too small? A solution is to research custom closets in Pittsburgh to locate a specialist who could give you a place for everything. Buy boxes and bins. Tuck things away. Know where things go, and avoid the piles. 

2. Create Cleaning Routine

Don’t save everything for all at once. Adopt habits for cleaning so that it’s not suffocating. Do the dishes after dinner. Run the wash once a day or every other to avoid hours of folding on the weekend. Keep dust rags in convenient locations to wipe down highly frequented areas. Spread it out, so you spend about 10 to 15 minutes a day.

3. Try Aromatherapy

Various scents inspire calm. Try candles or essential oils, so you breathe in aromas that relax and regenerate. Do you need some energy? Try citrus. Are you having trouble sleeping? A little lavender may do the trick.

If your residence is driving you crazy, stop and think about the triggers. Understand the source of the problem, and then work to find a solution. You deserve to be happy in your home. Think about how you can create structure and cheer through daily habits and steps.