5 Unique Construction of Houses by Artists

Designing a house into a great place that is so exciting, unique home, is something that is not easily done by everyone.

An artist has power in terms of imagination. Including designers and architects who almost always find new ideas extraordinary and unexpected.

We are sure that you will be amazed and distrusted with the following work. How is the construction of a house can be circular, round or even triangular. The concept of architecture and home design that could be unusual and out of the box.

Out of nowhere these designers get their ideas and ideas. But certainly, the results of their creations really deserve the highest appreciation.

Designing a house into a great place that is so exciting and unique, is something that is not easy for everyone to do.


Wilkinson residence is the creation of Robert Oshatz. This unique house is touted as one of the organic architecture. Located in a forest in Portland, Oregon, the Wilkinson Residence was built in 2004 with an open space-style interior concept.

With an area of ​​around 393 square meters, this house is equipped with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Another uniqueness he reportedly deliberately designed for someone who really loves music.

The exterior of this house also looks very unusual. In one corner there is a small Japanese-style garden.

The Tubular Glass House

An architect from Kazakhstan, Aibek Almassov proves that the impossible is possible. He designed a unique house called the tubular glass house in 2013.

The rounded cylindrical house or tube is also overgrown with trees in the middle, and has a 360 degree view.

The tubular greenhouse according to the architect is a blend of modern industrial style with natural wealth and beauty.

The Floating Seahorse

The Floating Seahorse is an underwater villa intended for tourists who vacation in Dubai.

Custom designed for family vacation needs, this unique home has a master bedroom area with 360 degree views under water. In addition, the floating seahorse is also equipped with complete facilities based on the latest technology.

The Floating Seahorse has an area of ​​about 371 square meters. Complete with bedroom, bathroom and kitchen facilities.

Pyramid House

Pyramid House was designed by Juan Carlos Ramos, a Mexican architect. Taking ideas from the typology of ancient buildings, the architect wanted a luxurious residence like a Pharaoh (King of Egypt) in modern times.

The pyramid house has a glass wall that allows light to enter even the deepest room.

The Pyramid house has two bedrooms, a library, a kitchen, a bathroom, a garage and a recording studio. This unique house even has a cool balcony located right in between the bathroom and the library.

Transparent Cabin

An American artist managed to transform an old cabin over 70 years old in a desert and make it a stunning building. He succeeded in creating an optical illusion in the old building by using a mirror effect.

Phillip K Smith III, the artist, named his project ‘Lucid Stead’. During the day the building will appear as a deceptive optical illusion. We will not realize what object is actually in front of us.

The doors and windows of this unique house use mirror glass to create a mirror effect. And even more magical in this building is at night; it will transform into a building that emits cheerful colors like disco lights.

That’s 5 great works from 5 great people who are truly amazing. An artist, architect, designer who always has the ability to think out of the box.

Yes that’s right, the name is also an artist, they sometimes or even often succeed in creating a work that has never occurred to us. Creating something impossible is possible.

Inspired you with their unique home design ideas and ideas?