Application of Green Design or Eco Design in Interior Design

Eco-friendly Interior Design Ideas

Interior design style that is very concerned about the environment and commonly known as green design or eco design.

The industrial revolution 4.0, or the fourth generation now, causes automation in almost all fields, including interior design. This technology-based acceleration and innovation has given birth to a variety of shapes, patterns, sizes, and design ideas that may never have existed before.

As in the case of making materials for example, a variety of furniture, in addition to integrating many of the latest technologies, it is also increasingly fast in the process.

In addition, specifically the interconnection with the design concept, recently an interior concept has emerged that utilizes “renewable” energies. Most users of this design idea are people who care deeply about the environment. Concern for the environment is the basis of life and greatly affects their daily lives.

Interior style that is very concerned about the environment is commonly known as green design or eco design.

Green design or eco design is actually a bit similar to the natural style that was first known. However, what distinguishes it from natural style is a matter of emphasis on greater use of natural energy in green design.

The concept of green interior was deliberately designed by making the most of natural energy sources. He gets his energy from architectural designs, ranging from large openings for maximum natural lighting, to dominant natural materials such as wood, and the use of indoor plants to create a fresh atmosphere of space.

Green Interior Design

Green interior design is often interpreted as a building with everything that smells “green” or something like that. However, there is another understanding of this term actually, one of which came from a well-known architect Riri Novriansyah.

According to Riri, green building or green design is closely related to energy, especially those that have an impact on the environment, social, community, and economy.

Riri Novriansyah explained the understanding of green design from three components; social, human and economic. These three things can be taken out. And that’s where the substance of green design is.

“Green design must be profitable, socially improve the quality of human life and the environment is not burdened,” – Riri Novriansyah

Meanwhile, according to Yuli Andyono, Interior Designer & Architect of ANDYONO Design Guide & Idea, the concept of green design is currently still focused on the application of green building and may seem complicated because it involves the techniques and processes of building environmentally friendly homes.

The concept of green building is also an inseparable part of the “go green” campaign that leads to the home construction system, from design, construction, even to the end the building is occupied, and continues onwards.

And if we try to conclude, the main components to realize the big idea of ​​green design is the main focus on the processing of energy, water, materials, and also the health of its users.

Designing a House with Green Design Concept

To create an atmosphere of space that is able to visualize the idea of ​​green design into the interior of the house, the important thing that must be considered is how much the house building also has a green building concept. This is important for us to pay attention to, because if not, we will be trapped only on one side, which is seeing only from the green side and interpreting it as “green” only.

To implement it, home architectural designs should also have green building ideas or concepts, where since they are still ideas and concepts, the house building is deliberately designed and intended to achieve a ‘healthy’ room as well as comfortable to live in.

However, we still cannot deny, designing green buildings or designing buildings with the concept of green design requires a lot of costs. Even so, according to Rir Novriansyah, the operational cost of a house with an eco concept is very cheap. The operational costs of green design houses are much lower when compared to houses or buildings that do not use the eco design concept.

The application of green design ideas in a building is actually not difficult. You can try it by doing things like:

  1. Save electricity,
  2. Hold a lot of openings so that sunlight can enter and air flow. That way, the use of lamps and air conditioners can be reduced during the day.
  3. For water, save on its use. Use of household wastewater that is not immediately disposed of, but try to be reused.
  4. For the health of residents, use safe and non-toxic materials, and
  5. Try to increase the green area as much as possible.

The deeper explanation of the application of the concept of green design, quoting femina, is as follows:

1. multiply open spaces

Green design can be applied by multiplying openings on walls, inner courts, ceilings such as skylights, or others. These things can minimize the use of lights, especially during the daytime, and can produce smooth air circulation into the room.


Excessive use of furniture in the room can cause and give birth to the impression of overlapping and tightness in the room. No matter the type of furniture is loose or built-in furniture. The key, since the design process, it would be better if the selection of furniture curated based on its function.


This is the application of green interior literally.

Green plants are able to refresh the eyes and atmosphere of space. Living plants are often used in the application of this interior style. And keep in mind, the application of imitation or artificial plants, will not change any energy around it.


Create a vertical garden inside the house.

Take advantage of an empty wall of the house to be planted with potted plants vertically, is an idea that many interior designers recommend.

Vertical garden has become a very dominant accent and is widely applied lately, both for natural interior styles, green designs, and even others.


Recycled materials can also add a green design to the room.

It is no longer a secret that the concept of recycling and utilizing used goods is not used and then turning them into new goods that have new values ​​and functions, are practical activities and actions of environmental concern. Therefore, the concept of home interiors with the use of recycled materials, is the essence of the idea of ​​green design or eco design.

Well, those are some important aspects in the idea of ​​green design or eco design.

Lots of advantages and positive things can be obtained by applying this design idea. Especially, as a practical and real solution for those of you who have a concern for the environment and always think about the “sustainable” or sustainable.

Have your house been designed with the green or eco design concept approach?