Different Ways To Make Your Ribbon Blender More Efficient

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The versatility of the ribbon mixer makes it the optimal choice for a lot of blending applications. While this is a prevalent choice, there are methods that every manufacturer must take to get the most out of their machine. Here are a few ways to make your machine more efficient and increase your productivity. 

1. Watch Your Time

A ribbon blender can properly mix solids of similar densities and particle sizes in less than 15 minutes. The more alike in size and density your ingredients are, the shorter the mixing time will be. If you are developing a new formula, try to keep your ingredients similar to reduce mixing times. However, even if this isn’t possible, it is still important to watch your mixing time and ensure you are not running your machine longer than necessary. 

2. Optimize Your Process

Conduct a process evaluation to understand how much time you spend loading, mixing, unloading, and cleaning your blender. These are all steps that you can optimize to reduce downtime, minimize waste, and make your process more efficient. 

3. Choose the Right Horsepower

Getting a machine with the right motor size and horsepower will ensure that you are operating efficiently. The blender manufacturer you choose will be able to help you calculate the horsepower you need based on your product’s density, batch size, and required mixing speed. While the first two are givens, you will probably need to do some guesswork based on similar applications to figure out your mixing speed. Once this calculation is finished, the manufacturer will recommend a mixer with the right specifications for your application. 

4. Know Your Options

One last way to enhance your blender’s productivity is to choose the right options. For instance, high-speed choppers may be a good option for breaking up agglomerates. 

Several factors can impact the productivity of your ribbon blender. By following these tips, you can make your machine more efficient.