Getting Funds to Buy a New Home

5 ways to find extra money for a down payment

Living in a rented home can be stressful, considering that you have to make monthly payments and there is not much room to personalize it. On the contrary, owning a home comes with several benefits, including an opportunity to build equity and individualize it as you see fit. You can choose one that suits you best at Ormond Beach Florida new homes. However, the upfront costs for purchasing a new home may be a challenge, which is why you should understand different ways to get funding. 

Ways of Acquiring Funds

Bank Loans

Acquiring a loan from a bank is among the best ways to get funds to buy property. Such loans may take longer to process than from alternative lenders, but they have longer repayment periods and lower interest rates. However, almost all the banks will check your credit rating and will require enough collateral before lending you the money you need. 

Borrow from Friends and Family

Your relatives or circle of friends can help fund your purchase of a new house. In fact, there are some federal tax laws in place that allow you to ask for money from your parents without any tax obligations. However, you will be required to attest that the money is a gift and you are not required to pay it back, especially if you are looking to qualify for a Federal Housing Administration loan.


If you have a dream of owning a decent home in the future, then you have to start saving as early as possible. Think of opening a savings account with your local bank, where you make deposits every month. The deposits can be automatically deducted from your paycheck, or you can transfer them yourself from the checking account to the savings account.

Upfront costs, such as a 20% down payment, are a requirement in most cases when buying a property. However, you may not have such kinds of money readily available. That is why it is important to consider different funding techniques, such as those discussed above.