How Treatments Work to Control and Kill Termites at Home

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Many of us are surely living in houses which we inherited from our parents or even grandparents, so it means that this property is quite old, but we don’t want to abandon it. Let’s say that we cherish the memories with our family members or relatives that is why we insist on staying here and trying to keep it good up to now. However, we are surely experiencing some issues with insect infestation such as termites because they are attracted to this old wooden structure which had always been a good target for them.

These insects usually love to grind anything that is made of wood that is why you have to make sure that your house should undergo a regular inspection to check if there are signs of their presence. At first, you cannot notice that they have started to come because they may be living under the ground and penetrates the wooden areas that are not visible. They attack the inner part so you can only find them when this stuff is already damaged inside since they will push through until the open surface and there is nothing you can do to preserve this.

By this time, you would surely want to call for help since termite control is not easy to manage alone and you may not even have ideas on how you are going to kill them. I guess it is also possible to try remedies or DIYs, but we are not always sure if these will work because there are treatments that only exterminators can do so they can get rid of them effectively. Well, they are experts in this field anyway and they know the right treatment that’s why there is no doubt that they can control the infestation in every affected home.


The first thing that exterminators will do upon inspection is to identify the insect so that they will know what type of treatment must be performed in their homes. During their visit, they are going to define the problem and plan on a solution to deal with this. It could be a subterranean type that usually burrows under the ground, dry-wood that feeds from dry woods, or damp-wood which eats the moist ones but is mostly found outdoors.

The experts will thoroughly look for signs of insect infestation so they may be using tools or equipment that are specifically designed for detecting. This means that they need to find even the smallest holes, shavings, and wing remnants. No matter what the situation is, they will do their best to control them after finding out pieces of evidence – learn more from for these signs.

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For moderate infestation that was detected at home, a bait system can be applied. Here, controlling the termites would be easier since the colony has not yet grown, and they will simply be lured away to get rid of the colony. There would be baits around that the exterminators will set up which the insects would think of as food so this will be carried to the nest and that would kill them off.

If the type of termite that came to your property is subterranean, then the exterminators may apply treatment using liquid as well as foam sprays when it comes to controlling the infestation and getting rid of the insects. The experts will treat your home and its perimeter with this application to kill the colony under the ground as well as to stop or prevent more of them from coming. With this dealing, there won’t be attractions within the area so they have no reason to enter your land, though they might try to come back someday which means that regular inspection must be conducted.

When the infestation is very serious you would surely want a professional’s help to save your homes so in this case, dry woods may have been seen with signs, and the best action applied is tenting or fumigation to control the situation – read this to know more about the process. Fumigants must be used to penetrate the walls, attic, basement, ceiling, frames, and furniture surfaces, where the insects usually live and what they usually damage. With this treat, you won’t find residues left behind, but you just have to deal with vacating for your convenience.