2 Reasons Not To Leave A Tree Stump In The Ground

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So, you finally got around to chopping down that tree in the yard from your honey-do list. That’s great, and congratulations are in order. However, what are you going to do with that stump? Are you just going to leave it there? If that is the case, to each their own, and that’s your business. But, it really might be in your best interest to seek out a tree stump removal service Raleigh.

Why remove the stump? That is a good question and the following sections will attempt to answer it. So, if you wish to learn more, please, stick around and read on.

Prevent Trip And Fall Accidents

Leaving a stump as-is could prove to be a monumental mistake. If a friend, neighbor, or someone else you invite over doesn’t see the obstacle, they could trip over it and fall to the ground. That might not sound like a huge deal, but it could be, especially if the individual gets seriously hurt or loses their life in the incident. In addition, they could file a homeowner’s insurance, sending your rates skyrocketing, or if you have no coverage, they might seek restitution straight from you. Hence, one of the best reasons to remove stumps is to keep trip and fall accidents at bay.

Termites Could Become Your Neighbors

Some termites build colonies in stumps above and below the ground. “Some” is a term that is used loosely here because there can be several million insects in a single colony. These pests don’t simply stay put inside their stumps, though. Nope, instead, the bugs go to food sources that are sometimes 200 or more feet apart. So how close did you say that stump was to your house again? Oh, you didn’t, but if it’s within that range, scheduling a stump removal service might be in your best interest.