3 Easy Steps to Take Care of Marble Kitchen Countertops and Cleaning Materials

Maintaining marble countertops is actually not difficult. In fact, the materials used are easy to find.

The kitchen space is more than a place to cook. Lots of family interactions featured in it. Family warmth is also common in this area, especially in the table area. That is why it is very important when deciding which kitchen countertop material to use.

Not only that, the selection of this material for the kitchen table cannot be done arbitrarily. You have to be careful, especially with care.

One that we are going to discuss is the issue of maintaining the kitchen table with marble material.

Marble kitchen countertop treatment

For marble material kitchen table users naturally want to maintain its quality and beauty. Care must be taken when performing maintenance, since the cost of a kitchen table made with this material is not cheap.

Maintaining marble countertops is actually not difficult. In fact, the materials used are easy to find.

First of all, this is undoubtedly the most substantial, to keep the marble table beautiful and luxurious, the key is in the cleanliness of the table. Regular cleaning is very important in this case.

Here’s how to maintain and clean a marble kitchen countertop. Starting with cleaning steps to how to make marble countertop look shiny and beautiful again.

1. Protect the marble countertop from scratches.

For aesthetic reasons, we often add decorations such as flower vases or other decorations that may have “scratches” on the tabletop. Scratches, although subtle, can diminish the beauty of the table.

One solution, if you still want to decorate the table with items that you think can add aesthetics, even though they may damage the table surface, use some kind of “base” and adjust it to the size of the object or decoration to be used. In this way, the surface of the object will not directly touch the surface of the table.

2. Restores the shine of marble

Maintaining or restoring the shine of marble is quite easy. We just have to take care of a chaimos cloth, or what we usually know as kanebo.

Kanebo has good absorbency that allows it to dry wet surfaces as much as possible.

3. Spot clean regularly

Heavy or light work in the kitchen area makes the kitchen table susceptible to stains. Various types of dirt such as tea, coffee, food stains or even oil splashes are sure to get dirty. Some of these foods and debris can be very difficult to clean.

Don’t worry though, here are some cleaners that can be used to clean marble kitchen countertops.

Ingredients to clean the countertop in the marble kitchen

lime and salt

Lime and salt are a combination of natural cleaning agents that we can use.

All we have to do is cut the lime into two or more halves. Then squeeze the orange until the water accumulates and add the salt, stirring until it dissolves.

This orange, salty liquid is sprayed on the stained area and then rubbed off with a soft cloth.

When the stain is gone, don’t forget to rinse with water and dry the marble surface again. Therefore, the stains on the marble surface will not stick and move.

You should know that the lime content is often used as a cleaning agent. Similar to the use of salt in cleaning products, it is often used as an antibacterial compound.

liquid detergent

Similar to cleaning cookware, the nature of dishwashing liquid also works to remove stains on your marble kitchen table top.

To use it, we just need to mix warm water and detergent.

Pour liquid soap into warm water and stir until dissolved. Then dip a cloth into the soft surface liquid to clean the stained marble surface. Using a circular motion and a little bit of pressure is still safe to not scratch the marble surface.

baking powder

Although baking soda is in the form of small particles that resemble sand, it is safe to use and will not scratch the marble surface.

We just need to mix water with baking soda to form a paste. Then, using a soft cloth, apply baking soda paste and wipe away any stubborn stains on the marble surface.

Like lime and salt, the use of baking soda is also often used as a cleaning agent for kitchen cabinets.

hydrogen peroxide

Using this material to clean marble has two advantages. In addition to cleaning stains (especially acid stains), this material can also remove minor scratches on the marble surface.

Too easy. We just need to use a soft cloth that has been given hydrogen peroxide and then gently rub it on the marble surface.


The amount must take into account the use of ammonia in cleaning fluids. This alkaline liquid is safe to use for cleaning marble by first testing it on a small edge of our marble kitchen table.

If the board shows no bad reaction, this material is safe to use.

When using it, we need to mix a teaspoon of liquid ammonia in a cup of water, then stir until it dissolves and this mixture is ready to use.

As usual, use a soft cloth to rub the ammonia solution onto the marble surface.


Using a marble kitchen table is known to add value to the luxury of the kitchen and has its own prestige for the owner. Also, marble has a pattern or “vein” on each slab, which makes it unique.

Marble kitchen countertops can be expensive, but they are worth it for both the durability and the beauty they bring. Kitchen area with marble kitchen table can certainly look luxurious and elegant. However, it is important to remember, be careful