Home Design According to Feng Shui; Healthy and Happy

Healthy and happy are things that need to be obtained in the house, one way to design a house according to feng shui.

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese topography which believes in how to balance forces for harmony. Feng Shui is known and is often applied in home design. For people who believe in the philosophy of feng shui, this knowledge is believed to make the home healthier, happier and bring good luck.

The proper arrangement of feng shui can provide a sense of interconnection between the house and its inhabitants.

Feng Shui has long been believed to be the science used when buying and building a house. According to feng shui, a good home is one that does not have Sha Chi or bad energy. Likewise with Si Chi or shortcomings, it is expected that the home is farthest from the energy of Sha and Si.

Do not let you live in a dwelling that is not healthy and not happy. To find out the science of feng shui in the construction and arrangement of home designs, the following brief explanation can you see.

Home Design According to Feng Shui: T-junction

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T-junction is a house at the end of the T-junction, this house is also known as “skewer house”. The T-junction house is right at the center of the letter T and is considered not good. Because it will be exposed to a lot of energy from various directions at a very strong speed. This large and fast energy can potentially deliver negative energy, especially if the house does not have a yard. However, if the road at the front of the house is very quiet, then this will reduce the negative influence.

To get around and ward off bad weather at the skewer house, you are expected to re-arrange the front page. Choose the right color for your door and window. To neutralize the condition, attach a cave mirror at the top of the front door of the house.

Home Design According to Feng Shui: cul-de-sac

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Cul-de-sac is a term for a dead end that was deliberately made so that the construction of houses is not only on the edge of a big road. Houses in this area require slightly different treatment. Because, the circular formation at the end makes it difficult for negative energy to come out.

If you currently inhabit a house with a cul-de-sac, you do not need to worry so forced to have to move house. You can overcome this by increasing the amount of positive energy. One of them is by building green parks in the back and front of the house. Make a fountain in the area and paint the door at the front of the house with red colors.

Five Elements of Home Design According to Feng Shui

A good house according to feng shui is a house that consists of five energies. The energy is earth, wood, fire, water and iron. You should present these five elements in the design of your home, both physically and symbolically. You can present a fire element with a choice of warm paint colors such as red or orange. While physically, it can be represented by a fireplace or burning candle in the room.

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The presence of these five different elements will make the room look balanced. The balance of these elements will affect the emotions of its inhabitants directly. Therefore, you are expected to present these five elements equally, as a counterweight to emotions.

Home Design According to Feng Shui: Backyard Downhill

In line with our body, which requires strength from the spine as a buffer and counterweight. Houses also need that. The land in the backyard is declining to make the house lack of positive energy support.

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To overcome this, you can plant various types of green plants. Then, make a green wall with various kinds of plants. Also, install lights at the very end of the back of the page.

Home Design According to Feng Shui: Located Near the Railroad Tracks

If your house is in the vicinity of a railroad track, it should be known whether it is in the near or not category of rail. Because the word close is relative, to find out the condition of the house you are expected to invite experienced experts.

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Houses near railroad tracks are considered to have a lot of bad energy. Even so, you can do things to protect your home from negative energy.

Put the soundproof on the wall outside the house. You can provide polyurethane sheeting to limit the area of ​​the house from the noise of trains. Decorate plants in the front garden of the house as a visual fortress that can protect the house. Then you are also recommended to install a mirror on the wall of the house overlooking the railroad tracks. For the position of the bedroom, you should be away from the location of the railroad tracks.