Keeping a Clean, Healthy Class

One of the germiest places you could be is an elementary school! So many young children are still learning to wash their hands properly, use the restroom sanitarily, cover their mouths when coughing and sneezing, and avoid touching their faces and eyes. 

So, while school is a great place to be to socialize, learn, and grow, germs are also there socializing and growing. And this sometimes can cause sickness and absences that also affect learning.

Keeping your classroom clean is more than just letting the janitor do their thing, though surely they’re doing their best! It’s essential to do the little things every day that help to keep the children and teachers healthy.

For example, teach your students to wash their hands correctly. Even older students can sometimes use a reminder on how long to wash their hands.

You can also make sure that you always have cleaning supplies on hand. Disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, and aerosol disinfectant spray can be used daily to help keep down the germ count in your classroom. And the end of the day, pay special attention to soft or fabric surfaces. There are cleaning products out there that are explicitly made to disinfect those. Other places that merit special attention are doorknobs, keyboards, light switches, and table or desktops.

Talk to the janitor to ask how often linoleum and carpeted areas are cleaned and disinfected. If it’s less often than you like, try an aerosol spray in those areas that can help keep germs away until the next deep clean.

If your school needs extra help, you can always talk to the principal about hiring educational facilities cleaning services Boca Raton FL. Sometimes you need a thorough disinfecting and cleaning time, especially in the summer after students go home.

Lastly, encourage sneezing and coughing into a tissue or elbow, and reinforce that your students’ hands must be washed or sanitized afterward. Doing these simple things can go a long way to keeping everyone healthy for learning!