The Dangers of Burst Pipes and Why You Should Call a Plumber ASAP

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Burst pipes are one of the most costly plumbing issues you may encounter in your homes and property. They can cause flooding, stain and damage your floors and walls and can potentially affect the structural stability of your homes. Burst pipes are considered to be top priority plumbing emergencies that require the attention of a professional plumber immediately.

Common Cause of Burst Pipes

Leaking in pipes, root penetration and trauma are the most common causes of burst pipes in your home. If you experience one, the first thing to do is turn off your main water source before calling an emergency plumbing Sydney contractor. Burst pipes are very unpleasant surprises to encounter and the cost of dealing with one can be quite a nuisance. Leaks and bursts usually happen along the joints and connections. Commercial joint fillers and fitting compounds can serve as temporary fixes. However, it is still best to have it diagnosed and treated by a licenced professional.

Why Burst Pipes are Dangerous for Your Homes

The following shows how inconvenient and dangerous burst pipes are.

Burst Pipes Adds a Dent on Your Water Bill

A burst pipe that is left open and unresolved for a long time wastes gallons and gallons of water. Water wasted is added up to your monthly bill, an extra expense you would need to shoulder on top of the actual repair of your burst pipe. As soon as you identify a burst in your plumbing pipes, turn off your main water supply. It saves water and prevents your water meter from spiking upwards. The cost of water wasted by a burst pipe may be enough to cover the services of a professional plumber.

Burst Pipes Can Cause Accidents

On top of possible slips caused by water on your floor, it can also enter your electrical system causing accidents in your home. In severe burst pipe cases, flooding is quite common. Turn off your water source immediately and clean up any flooding while you wait for your emergency plumber. If you suspect that water has already infiltrated your electrical system, consider turning off your main power switch too.

It May Damage Your Furniture 

Flooding that comes after burst pipes can also cause damage to your furniture. If your burst pipe is located in the kitchen sink, it can flood your kitchen floors and penetrate under your kitchen appliances. Homes with crack tiles are also susceptible to water seepage. Wet surfaces under your kitchen appliances can be easily addressed. However, water seepage inside cracked tiles are harder to notice and resolve, promoting the growth of moulds, mildew and bacteria build up.

Burst Pipes May Compromise Your Foundations

In worst case scenarios, a burst pipe may trigger flooding and water seepage that may cause your foundations to weaken. It is not a common problem for many especially if burst pipes are immediately addressed. However, in cases where turning off the water supply is not possible and flooding has been for quite some time, water seepage can compromise the strength of your wall and floor foundations. In such occurrences, you might have to get your foundations checked and perform necessary rectification and strengthening measures.

Burst pipes are serious plumbing issues. They should never be treated lightly. If you experience one in your homes, always call for emergency services from your trusted plumbing experts.