3 Unexpected Benefits of Adding Spray Insulation to Your Home

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If you’re thinking about adding insulation to an existing home or installing it in a new one, you may already be aware of the benefits of spray foam insulation. However, there are advantages you might not expect beyond the increased heat efficiency and lowered bills, which will add greatly to your home and comfort. 

1. Little to No Mess

Your first thought when installing new insulation may not be what the actual installation process will be like. However, traditional fiberglass insulation can make a big mess and even be a bit of danger, especially to young ones. Spray foam insulation, when installed by professional insulation contractors Maryland, has the benefit of being quite tidy, making the process much quicker, easier, and cleaner for you and your family. 

2. Structural Integrity

While you may know that spray foam provides a tighter seal than other types of insulation, you might not be aware that due to its rigidity once installed, it can add structural integrity to your walls and ceilings, providing your home with increased structural support. This can be of particular benefit when updating an older home but is also beneficial to new builds and recent remodels, as well. 

3. Sound Barrier

In addition to sealing moisture out of your home, which can prevent mildew and mold growth, spray foam insulation can also act as soundproofing. It can help block out noise not only from the outside, such as neighborhood traffic, but also from room to room, making your living quarters even more livable. This is particularly beneficial for those with family members who work from home, those enrolled in online learning, and even musicians.

Spray foam insulation is a great addition to any home and has even more hidden benefits beyond the expected that are sure to keep you and your home, happy for many years to come.