Especially famous store decoration at the end of the year

From December, which means that we welcome Christmas and New Year, all the supermarkets compete to decorate the place with a festive New Year. When it comes to decorations, many stores around the world do not even show off their unique Christmas-themed window display.

If you are going to New York, Paris or London in December, be sure not to miss a visit to the supermarket with the best Christmas decorations. It will, of course, add to the unforgettable holiday and shopping at the end of the year. Stay tuned and enjoy with family members or loved ones, the experience will be even more memorable.

  1. Tiffany’s, New York Castle

The screen, which is characterized by a sparkling blue color, has the theme “Make the World Sparkle” and disturbs passers-by to look at it.

  1. Bloomingdale’s, New York sponsor

In collaboration with an artist, this store decorated windows with chandeliers that represent the artistic meaning of the word “light”.

  1. Lord & Taylor, New York castle

The family of owls in this nest has the theme “Enchanted Forest”. Complete with Christmas music, this ornament represents the wonderland of winter.

  1. Saks Fifth Avenue, New York City

The theme for this year’s exhibition is “Land of 1000 Delights” with decorations filled with candy, cotton candy and colorful lollipops. An ornament that makes people want to eat it too.

  1. Macy’s, New York castle

By keeping the magic of the festival’s theme, this supermarket has decorated its shows with Santa’s dolls, Arctic mood and Christmas-themed flip-flops.

  1. Galeries Lafayette, Paris

White, white, white. This supermarket show is white, which represents the atmosphere “Arctic Christmas”. Origami with different motifs and other paper ornaments tells the story of the polar bear family.

  1. Spring, Paris

Two little girl dolls named Jules and Violette stood beautifully surrounded by charming stilettos and heels in the windows of this store on Boulevard Haussmann.

  1. Fortnum & Mason, London

It is very appropriate to enjoy with the family, the theme of the exhibition is “togetherness”, where animal decorations such as chickens and owls are displayed.

  1. Liberty, London

Christmas is imperfect without the nutcracker. And to bring back this Christmas myth, Liberty decorated her shop windows with ballet-dancing wooden dolls.